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Standing Seam Metal Roof

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof

The term standing seam comes from the connections between the metal panels that are raised. The seams run vertically and are produced by folding and crimping the edges between the panels. These roofs require very little maintenance and supply both severe resistance to high winds and a high fire ranking. As a durable option for roofing, we’re exploring the systems, products and performance of standing joint roofs.

A standing seam metal roofing refers to a type of roof. This kind of roof has metal panels that run vertically up the length of a roof and seam that link one panel to another.

The Benefits

High quality standing joint roofs are exceptionally resilient and hard wearing.

One of the major problems with traditional roofing is that spaces in tiles can lead to leaks which can cause substantial quantities of damage. However with standing joint roofing the panels slot together very comfortably and the raised joint helps to supply exceptional security against the components.

A standing joint metal roofing usually costs more than other types of metal roofing. It is necessary to comprehend the life cycle, where a steel roofing with an aluminum-zinc alloy coating can quickly last approximately 100 years. When thinking about the expense of standing joint versus other roofing systems, comprehend the ramifications of exposed screws, maintenance with time, and how well a roof keeps water out.

Maintenance: Since the roofing details of standing joint around chimneys, skylights and valleys are interlocking and do not depend on caulking, they are very low maintenance. Light gauge metal roofing panels that can not be hemmed will regularly require sealants around important areas to stay leakage free.