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example of a Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roof

It ‘s assembled in an unique permutation of layers that compound to increase the roofing system’s efficiency. It is this permutation of materials that provides Modified Bitumen competitive advantages that few other roofing systems can match.

Pro’s to Using Modified Bitumen¬†

– Seamless Connections

There are three popular ways to install Modified Bitumen: self-adhesive, cold adhesive, and heat. All of them produce a tight connection producing a constant and seamless connection in between the sheets.

– Leak Resistance

Among the top concerns connected with flat roofing is leakage. However, due to the coherent nature of this roofing system’s setup, leak is not a problem.

– UV and Heat Resistance

Modified Bitumen is well known to be heat reflective. These reflective properties also make it resistant to the sun’s radiation. This can help to minimize energy costs, especially if lighter colors or more reflective top finishings are utilized.

РTear Resistance 

Due to the mix of fiberglass and/or polyester reinforcement layers, these roofs are tear-resistant and can manage foot traffic well.

Conclusion of Pro’s and Con’sThe pros that make them a consumer choice are its low upkeep, dependability, and nature-friendly properties. While the cons people think about is the setup strategy and life expectancy. However despite contending flat roofing services like TPO and PVC, Modified Bitumen Roof has actually continuously held its ground by leveraging its exceptional benefits over downsides and been a trusted choice of roofing.

There Are Some Disadvantages

Like all roofing system types, a bitumen roofing system does have some drawbacks. The very first is their black color, which can absorb rather than reflect heat. And while the material itself may not be damaged by heat or UV rays, if proper insulation is not utilized with it, this absorption of heat can cause superheating of the structure below.

Granules need to be included as part of the setup process to help secure the roofing system from the sun. If they are not included, this can even more raise the temperature of the structure or damage the roofing system. Sadly, not all types of bitumen roofs include granules as part of the setup process.

Lastly, if your roofing system is likely to hold a great deal of water or to gather puddles of standing water after rainstorms, this can prematurely age and damage the bitumen roofing system.