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Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

It will probably come as no surprise that the most disastrous components of a typhoon to your home is the heavy rain and relentless wind.

This lethal combination can trigger serious damage to your home, especially the rooftop.

Below are 4 things that you ought to do before Cyclone season starts.

  1. Get a roof inspection – A roofing company will go over every inch of your roof. They will make sure the membrane doesn’t have any holes or rips and that the flashings are secured correctly. They can also take a look at your seamless gutters to see if they are strongly connected. After all, If there is a small crack in the roofing, you can be sure that water will find its way in.
  2. Tidy the seamless gutters – Mentioning seamless gutters, you will need to clean them out before the rain comes. This is also real for your downspouts. Rain gutters seem like a magnet for leaves, pine needles, branches, and other debris, and they could be blocked. And when strong rains come and the water can’t stream freely, it will get backed up, which might trigger standing water on your roofing. This extra weight not just puts a strain on the structure, however it can also lead to a leakage.
  3. Change missing or harmed shingles – The shingles on your roofing are the first line of defence versus a typhoon, so they have to have the ability to do their task effectively. If you or your professional have actually seen missing shingles, new ones will need to be added in. Shingles normally don’t fall off really easily, so it will also be worthwhile determining why this happened.
  4. Cut back protruding branches – Big branches can easily be broken by the intense winds of a typhoon. If these branches come off near your property, they can trigger serious damage to the house and roof. If the roof is harmed mid storm then you will have a lot more concerns as this can trigger serious floods.