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Flat Roofing

If you have an interest in a flat roofing system, or weighing up your alternatives, here are some intriguing things that you might not have known about flat roofings. Continue reading for a number of realities that will help you to make your decision!

1. Flat Roofs Are Not, in Fact, Flat!

While they’re flatter than standard roofs, technically, flat roots are not flat. A well-engineered flat roof will be sloped ever so slightly to allow rainwater to run off, preventing it from pooling on the roof. This slope is so subtle that most people would be unable to notice.

2. Flat Roofs Make Ideal Gardens

Flat roofs open the doors for endless opportunities. Many apartment complexes take advantage of the additional space by putting in gardens, workout centers, and even swimming pools! Flat roof gardens are also popular for those who have turned their houses into ‘green houses,’ allowing for a living rooftop.

3. Flat Roofs Are Cool Roofs

Not only do they look cool –they are cool! Flat roofs can be covered in special materials that help to keep the building or home cool inside. This helps to reduce energy costs during the summer months, cutting down on the amount of air conditioning that’s needed to keep the place cool.

4. Flat Roofs Should Be Installed and Repaired by Professionals

All too often customers make the mistake of hiring companies with experience in sloped roofing that have little experience with flat roof installation. Flat roofs should always be designed, installed, and built by experienced flat roof professionals. There are specific ways that flat roofing materials should be installed in order to prevent leaks. An experienced professional will have the experience necessary to ensure that the roof is installed properly and designed to last for a number of years.